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Sweetheart Table Question

It may surprise many of you on here, but I have never been to a wedding that did not consist of a head table made up of only the bridal party (no spouses/dates).  I'm beginning to think this is probably a regional/midwest thing.

Well, we haven't asked our entire bridal party yet, but plan on 6 on each side, putting our party at 14 total which would make for a long head table (in our venue, it would actually have to turn a corner, so it would be more of an L) and they would not be with their dates.  The flip side of this is that all dates/spouses know each other well, so their dates wouldn't be stranded knowing no-one.  For this reason I haven't ruled out a head table.

My question is, never having seen how a sweetheart table is done, is this a small round table or square (or either)?  And, do the two of you sit next to one another (facing the crowd), or across the table from one another looking at each other?  Or, does this vary?

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