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Port Jefferson Country Club

I'm getting married at the Port Jefferson Country Club Lombardi's on the Sound.

The venue is beautiful - on the LI Sound with breath taking views.

My one concern about the room is that it's a little small and the window drapes are ...well ugly and on the dark side.  Therefore, I'm thinking of creative ways to brighten the room up.

Anyone have their wedding there?  Anyone have suggestions?


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    This is an international board. I have no idea where that it, and I doubt most of the readers on here will either.  Please post this on your local board and you may have better reviews.
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    i just went to a wedding there two weekends ago and it was beautiful!  It was in the day so there was lots of natural light streaming in and the sound view is lovely.  To be honest I didn't even notice the carpet or anything in the main dining area/ballroom.  I say go for it, it was a great reception!
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    I'm getting married here in July 2011 and did not notice any drapes at all when I visited there... However if you really hate them that much you could try hanging some sort of floral garland on them? 
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