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Oheka Castle

Anyone know how much Oheka Castle charges for weddings? They aren't giving me any pricing over the phone.

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    Ask on the local board for where ever that is.  On the left, click on Local Wedding Boards and find it there.
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    Ask on the Long Island and the North Jersey board for details.

    However, I've heard that it's $10,000 JUST to be able to have your wedding there, no food or whatever included. The food is easily $200 a plate.

    I went to a wedding there a couple years ago. It was nice, definitely extravagant, but IMO you could probably get the same thing at a nice hotel ballroom if you spent the same amount of money.
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    we looked into them for our wedding, but the 10k site rental fee definetly took it out of the running. it's beautiful, but not worth that kind of cash imo.
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