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How long to wait for a response??

FI and I live in Puerto Rico, where we will be getting married. Three weeks ago, we emailed eight venues for more information, and so far, have only heard back from two. One of them provided a wealth of information within the frist week and a half, and the other sent us a couple menus and encouraged us to email back if we wanted more information. That is the extent of the responses we have received. We emailed the second place for more information, but so far, have received none.

My question is: Is this normal? Am I just being impatient? How long did it take for your venue to get back to you? I'd like to avoid having a wedding planner if I can help it, especially since some of the resorts we emailed provide wedding planners for you as part of a wedding package, if you want, but would this be easier if we did break down and hire one??


Re: How long to wait for a response??

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    Our wedding planning pretty much worked out like this:  If we met with you and liked you, you were hired.  We didn't look everywhere.  We didn't like the first four venues we saw and a caterer cancelled a meeting on us.  We loved the fifth place and just moved onto the next caterer who was great.  The way we looked at it was that if they wanted our business, they'd be acting like it and not blowing us off.  I'd definitely check out the one who sent you the wealth of information.

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    I would also suggest that you set up a meeting with the venues you are interested in and meet with them face to face.

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    I think a week is more than enough time to respsond. 

     That said, I found I got a better response if I called them first.  I find sometimes emails get lost when sent to just a generic email address.

     Since your wedding is 18+ months out, they might not be putting a priority on it until after the holidays.  Not saying that is good business practice, but this time of year can be crazy in PR because of the holidays.  (I know it is here at the resorts in the VI)

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    I did exactly what you did, then later realized to brides it's 2010 but to wedding vendors it's still 1995 and who does email? Some I emailed and never did hear back from (even after talking to them) . 

    With that said, if you are interested, definitely call. 
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    I actually work in the wedding business and stick to the "respond within 48 hours" rule, (24 if it was during the week). I find it unfortunate that there are professionals out there who would wait longer then a week to get back to you, if at all. tldh, you are right, If they wanted your business they would be acting like it. Maggie I wish you better luck with your other vendors, and best wishes to all you brides to be out there Laughing 
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    Like ppl said, meet them. In person.
    Call & make an App. to come meet them & tour the venue. That's what I did. Once I was in the door, I started asking questions. Make sure to write down questions as you think of them, before you go! (my mind went black, but I had wrote questions in my little wedding binder)

    Good Luck :)
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    I think a week is plenty for a response. One of the ways we weeded out vendors we weren't 100%on is if they didn't respond right away.  If this is how they treat you when they are trying to get your business, how are they going to act if they already have your business.
    Although I might make an exception for the holiday season.
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    We had one of three in-town venues call us back within a day, the second called back the next week, and we never did hear from the third. Our meetings were quite how tidh described, if I got a good vibe from the venue and the coordinator showing us the place, that was the one we went with, the same one which called us back in a timely manner. We also only met in person or talked over the phone if needed, so I'm not sure about the emailing. It's almost better to call, I think.

    And hey, if they don't send you something soon, I guess they don't get your business.
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