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Do I really need a guestbook?

I'm starting to make a list of things we'll need for our October 2012 wedding reception, and "guestbook" seems to be something on everyone's list.  Is having a guestbook really necessary or meaningful, though?  We're expecting only about 80 people, and I can't imagine forgetting who attended my own wedding, especially when there's so much other proof of that (like RSVPs and photographs).  It's not a big deal to just buy one, I agree, but anything I can take off the list is worth it (I'm having My Little Skinny Stripped-Down Casual Wedding).

Did anyone not have a guestbook, and found that it didn't matter?  Or did anyone not have one and regret it?

Re: Do I really need a guestbook?

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    I didn't have a guestbook, instead I painted a wooden chest and had my guests sign that.  I now keep all of my cards I received, a favor, a football with our names on it that we used for pictures, a table number, etc in it as a wedding keepsake chest.  Honestly, I haven't looked at it or in it since we got married but I know that if we have kids it would be nice to show them one day.

    I think that if you do a guestbook try to do something that you may look at a bit more then just a book.  They tend to just get shoved in a closet and never looked at again.  But, if you think you don't want one then don't get one, it definitely isn't a necessity.

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