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After having to change my wedding date from November to June due to an overcontrolling FMIL I am trying to arrange for a reception that suits everyone AND makes me happy. My idea is a picnic in the park. Does anybody have any suggestions on caterers who can do a picnic? Or on non-fried chicken foods suitable for a picnic reception?

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    You will have to check your local board for catering ideas, or just google local caterers most have online menus.

    Otherwise are you looking for a casual or more formal feel. There are many things food things you can do. If it were me, no matter what main course you had I would try and encorporate a bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    Lemonades, berry lemonades and limeades. Fresh berry pies and watermelon.

    I googled caterers on Omaha and here are some options: (more chicken, but it could be nice depending on your presentation) They also have a cold buffet, taco buffet and other neat outdoor ideas (This one looks really good. They even have recomendations for venues.

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    It really depends on what you like.  Do you want picnic kinds of food, or exciting gourmet food in a picnic atmosphere?  As long as you have a really clear idea what you're looking for, you should be able to find a good fit.  Ask your favorite restaurants if they do catering and if they would cater that sort of event.  You might be surprised by your options.
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