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Galena, IL wedding--any recommendations for cupcakes?

Hi girls!

My fiance, Steve, and I are getting married in Galena, IL  in October 2012. We really like the idea of having a small cake (for us/1 year) and cupcakes for our guests. Any recommendations on a place that does cupcakes?

We've done some searching/Googling, but would love some real life recommendations. :)


Re: Galena, IL wedding--any recommendations for cupcakes?

  • Have you talked to Angie at Eagle Ridge?  She might suggest a couple places even if your reception isn't held there.  I don't know what's west of Galena, but the only towns to the east don't have a bakery that I'm aware of.  Although some of the stores in Galena do things you wouldn't expect.  Like the True Value hardware store rents tents.

    My fiancee Rick and I are also getting married in Galena on Oct 5, 2012 at Oakhill in Apple River to be precise ! When & where will you get married? Have you found a decent photographer yet?

    Good Luck planning,
  • My Fiance and I are getting married in Galena in February.  We are getting cupcakes from the HyVee bakery in Dubuque.  I was skeptical at first, because it is a grocery store. But we tasted them and they are actually very good and affordable :)
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