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Do we have to make a toast??

Trying to figure out if we should make a toast at our own wedding, my FH (who can be man of few words when amongst a crowd) has already said hes not comfortable making a toast. Which means that leaves me. I have no problem with public speaking, but would prefer not to. Partially bc I feel it should be the groom or nothing.... is it customary/expected for the couple of honor to say something at their wedding?? or is it normal for the Bride/groom not too?

Re: Do we have to make a toast??

  • your wedding your way id at least say thank you for coming
  • Agree, you should thank your guests.  If you don't want to thank them over the sound system, make sure you get to every table.
  • We didn't want any toasts at all at our wedding (way too many people on my husbands side that like to hear themselves speak), so we opted to just take the microphone ourselves and say thank you to everyone.  When I say "we" I really me ME, but it worked out great.  There is no rule that says it has to be a man's job.  I'd rather see the bride do it than nobody.
  • i've never been to a weddinh where the B&G make a toast. it's done by the MOH and BM and sometimes the parents say a little something.


  • Maybe just do one at the rehersal dinner?  At least thank the people closest to you in participating in your day and supporting you.
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