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Not sure if this is the right place, question of how long for a response from Banquet halls

When everyone was planning their wedding and had not yet booked how ws the communication between you and the rep from the hall/restaurant or other venue?

If you sent an email to the rep when did you expect the reply. (the email beinga simple question)

If you called and left a message, when did they call back.

I think emails and calls should be returned the same day. (even if just to confirm it was received)

The rep I was dealing with was great for a long time but now it's been just over 24hours and I haven't heard back after an email. (i just wanted to know the time of a certain event)

I don't consider this to be horrible but I just wanted to know what the expectations were for everyone else.

EDITED I just want to add, I have been really impressed with how fast she responds. IT's been great. I'm just curious.

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