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How do you "show" different meal choices for waiters?

At my friend's wedding last year they made these little ribbon roses to show the waiters which meal each person had selected: red = beef, yellow=chicken, purple = vegetarian. I have no idea what these are called!

We're having a wine and cheese theme, tables will have a bottle of wine as the table marker, cutting board with grapes and cheeses, place cards are standing up in wine corks, with wine charms as the favor. Does any one have a suggestion as to what to do to show the dinner selection for each person?
Thanks so much!

Re: How do you "show" different meal choices for waiters?

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    We did small color coded dots on the back of each escort card.
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    Indicate the meal choices on the place cards, and/or seating charts.  Maybe different colored cards or a small sticker.

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    I agree, what are your colors and how many choices do you have? Maybe different shades of a color paper for the escort card could be the differences.
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    We're deciding between using different colored cards, or using different colored font on the place cards.  Though, our place card holders are going to be large candy bars with a ribbon tying the guests name card to it.  We're thinking maybe doing a different colored ribbon instead.
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    I think the different colored font on the escort cards is a good idea.
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    I'm doing different colored name cards. Our colors are aqua and lime with black accents, so the beef=blue card, chicken=lime card, children's=black card. Then we are printing the guest's names on white and tacking them onto the color coded cards as we receive rsvps and dinner choices.
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    THanks for the suggestions everyone. We only really have one color, navy blue (silver as an accent) but have four dinner choices...which makes it more complicated. Online I saw someone used different shaped hole punches or even stamps.
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    We are using different colored beads on our wine charms to indicate alcoholic vs non-alcoholic toast. You could do the same for your meals choices.
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    I remember putting little colored dot stickers on my sister's escort cards....of course the DAY of the wedding.  Holy procrastination Batman!  We used Red for beef, Yellow for Chicken, Green for Vegetarian and Blue for Kids Meal.  Worked out really well.
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