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Where do you look to find the reception price ranges?

Re: Prices Ranges

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    Do you have a specific site in mind or are you just looking in general for your area?  When I first started planning, I just googled "reception sites city, state."
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    Not sure exactly what you mean, but I just e-mailed lots of different reception places around and asked for there wedding reception details. Most places had a detailed package of some sort already ready and just e-mailed it back.
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    i checked out

    gives you ranges and based on theknot's budget tool that should give you an idea

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    What I did was find X amount of places I wanted look at and then went on their web sites and narrowed down a few.... Went to check them out to make sure I liked them and then discussed prices with the mangers
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    Thanks girls...they use to have a table for the vendors on the different $ ranges I just wanted to know if they give it on the site here
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