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Dueling Pianos

I saw a blog post about a couple hiring a dueling pianos act instead of a dj or band for their wedding reception. It sounds cool... thoughts? Pros and cons?

Thanks all! 

Re: Dueling Pianos

  • We love dueling piano bars, but I would not do that for a wedding. As PP said, they thrive on audience participation and song suggestions. If you wanted your reception to be more like a concert, then I suppose dueling pianos would work. But if you want your guests out on the floor dancing, then I would hire a band or DJ.

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  • A friend of mine had dueling pianos at her reception. It does require crowd participation but it was a lot of fun! People got up there and got dressed in props, like the Village People. I think it just all depends on the crowd of people you will have at your wedding and if you think they will enjoy that type of thing.
  • i say go to piano bar or for RD. im not a fan of them but i dont think would work for reception. 
  • When I go to a wedding I want to dance. You can't really do that with dueling pianos.
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  • If it's in the budget, have you considered doing the dueling pianos for the cocktail hour and then a regular dj or band for the reception?

    That would be all sorts of awesome.
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