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I was planning on having a seating chart just to sort of assign people to certain tables. Well when we met with the on site coordinator and I told her of this she said I was wasting my time in all of her 20 years of doing that job it is bascially a waste of time.

I have not been to many wedding, but the last one I was at they did nto have seating taken care of and we have 3 small kids so I felt uncomfortable trying to find us a place to sit.

FH Is no help in this area he says do what you want but my family will just pull chairs up and sit where they want to.

I do not have a problem with them moving charis after dinner service but just thought it would make it easier to know where each person should sit.

I had also mentioned to the coordinator that I didnt want to spend money for tables that were just going to have a few people and her reply was if you tell us 120 guest then we sit up 12 rounds of 10. But then people are sort of stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

Sorry for the long post just need to know what you wonderful ladies think I should do.

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    If you are giving a meal choice, the venue/caterer may require that you do assigned seating so they know which guests get which meal. 

    Otherwise, I agree it might be a waste of time to do seating charts.  But I do like the idea of assigned tables.  At least those with kids or large families will be able find enough seats together.  If others want to move around later, they will. 

    I think you should stick to your plan of doing assigned tables only, then don't worry about it.
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    ALWAYS assign tables! It takes a bit of time and effort, but it's frustrating as a guest to show up and not know where you're supposed to sit. So do escort cards (these tell people which table they're at), and have one per couple/family, indicating which table they'll be seated at.

    Definitely, Definitely do Escort Cards!
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    Your coordinator is wrong, IMO.  Here's why I like assigning tables:

    Doing table assignments is actually a courtesy to your guests. It ensures that people who don't get along won't end up stuck with each other because they're the only open seats left.

    It ensures that couples or families won't be split up because there are not enough seats left at any given table when they arrive.

    It ensures that Great Aunt Hilda won't be seated with your FIs college frat brothers, or that Grandpa Al won't end up sitting right next to the dj's speakers.

    It ensures that your college roommate, who doesn't know anyone but you at the wedding, won't wander the room hoping that she can sit somewhere. (Remember the cafeteria in Jr. High?)

    It ensures that you won't have 11 people jammed into a table that seats 8 comfortably because people decided to pull up chairs so they could all sit together.

    It also saves you $$, because when you don't have assigned tables, you need to have extras because you WILL end with tables of 4 where you intended to have 8.

    I've only been to one wedding without table assignments, and it was a holy mess as people wandered around trying to figure out where they were supposed to sit.

    Do table assignments.

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    If you are having a sit down dinner then I think having a seating chart is a must! I am doing a buffet style so I am not really concerned about where people sit. I am however going to assign a table or just put "reserved" for my immediate family.  I do think that you may not even notice if everyone is moving around because you will be too excited about having just gotten married :-)
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