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How to make a distant dad feel important?

My dad thinks he's done his best, so he really doesn't understand that I will be walking myself down the aisle.

The ceremony is on my mother's mothers land. My mom will be giving the initial greeting and prayer (?) to the guest before dinner. I could give Dad the father/daughter dance, but even mom said she would like one too (I don't want overkill, but man, my mom has done so much). Dad did give us money for the event, not much, same as my mom who has always struggled, yet stretched her dollar to help make this happen. I don't want any fights or arguments after either. So what else is there that I could have my dad do so he feels "justified"?

Any suggestions will help! Thanks!

Re: How to make a distant dad feel important?

  • What about when you get to the end of the isle stopping & acknowledge both your mom & dad with a hug/kiss? FI could do the same to his parents when he comes in.  Then at the reception to avoid dragging things out, start the dance with one parent & then half way through switch parents.This way everyone is hopefully happy.
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