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should we cut a cupcake?

FI and I are doing cupcakes with a small cake as the "top tier". Should we cut a cupcake for the cake cutting? Or should we cut the small cake and eat around the possibly stale part on our anniversary? It seems weird to essentially buy a cake to sit there, be frozen for a year then eaten. Thoughts?

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Re: should we cut a cupcake?

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    We had cupcakes with a small top tier as well.  We cut into the top tier but didn't save it...generally the cake tastes awful after a year in the freezer...so we ate it after we got back from the honeymoon.  Instead we are going to the baker where we got the cupcakes on our 1 year anniversary and pick up some of the same flavors we used at our wedding.

  • I like Maggie's idea - stale freezerburnt cake is just awful.
  • I hadn't thought of not saving the top. Thanks for the great idea, Maggie! I think it's what we'll do. 
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  • Ya I wouldn't save the "top" tier.  When I went to our baker I told them we didn't want the top tier and she said most couples don't anymore. 
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  • We had cupcakes with a small regular cake for our top tier and didn't bother with a cake cutting.  We just each unwrapped a cupcake and fed them to each other.  I thought it made for a cute picture.  My MOH wrapped up the top tier cake for us and it's sitting in our freezer waiting for our anniversary.  No idea how it'll taste, but we like the idea of that tradition.
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  • I'm doing cupcakes as well and we get a top tier cake included in the price...to appease FI's mom we will be cutting into the cake (she "needs" to have a cake cutting picture), but there is no way we are saving some nasty year old cake to eat later.

  • My cousin had cupcakes, and what they did was peel off the paper together. It was really cute.
  • cut the cake... and freeze a couple cupcakes if anything... its too long to wait for another cake anyway...
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