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Sunday of Labor Day Weekend?

Do you think it would be good to have the reception on this day, or do you think people would be out of town?  I guess we'd really need to do save-the-dates?

I'm just debating about forgoing the Saturday wedding, and I've been thinking about Friday or Sunday.... They both have pros and cons.  But a Sunday night with no work the next day seems pretty ideal.  Most people have the next day off, right?

What do you all think?  Thanks! :)

Re: Sunday of Labor Day Weekend?

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    It really depends on your "people".  Do they have standing plans, do they always go away?  If not have the wedding that day.

    You are going to hear really strong opinions, but many may not have anything to do with you, i.e. everyone is local and does not usually go away for that weekend, or maybe you usually host a party that weekend anyway so you're just changing the type of party.  

    FWIW I am having my wedding Memorial Day weekend, it was the best day for us as a couple for a variety of reasons.  I know some people will not come due to the holiday weekend and that's fine with me.  
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    I agree with pp. Some people always have plans on Memorial Day weekend, others do not. We were going to have our wedding that weekend, but decided against it for this very reason and a few other reasons. But it is truly up to you and your situation.
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    labor day weekend saturday has a lot of weddings already, as well as being a popular vacation weekend. And sundays are always hard for OOT guests.
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    You might have a higher rate of declines in your extended family or acquaintence type guests, but those who are closest to you and truly want to be at your wedding will be there.

    So check with your key people (WP, close family, and closest friends) to make sure they can be there, and don't worry about the rest.  STDs would be a good idea for a wedding on a holiday weekend.

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    Two of my closest friends got married the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. It didn't make much of a difference to any of our friends and her closest family, but they did send out the STDs pretty early for convenience to those who would have to choose between their wedding and their usual Labor Day weekend plans.

    If it's what's best for you, go for it!
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    I agree w/PP about talking to your people.  We did Memorial Day weekend, and it was great.  We are driving distance from most of my family, so it was nice for them to be able to spend the long weekend here.  Very few of our friends and family have standing Memorial Day plans.  But on the other hand, if we'd done Labor Day weekend, we would have had a tiny turn out, because my dad's family has a huge reunion that weekend.  It just depends on what your guests normally do.  

    Also, consider travel costs for your guests.  If you are in a big city, hotels may actually be cheaper that weekend, but if you are in a vacation spot, they might be astronomical.  Consider that for people who will have to travel.
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    It depends on your guests locations.  We were originally going on with the Sunday but switched to the Saturday. We have alot of guests traveling into town for the wedding and we'd like to let them have a day of down time - Monday - to wind down after traveling!
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    We are also getting married on Memorial Day weekend.  We hadn't planned it that way but when our ceremony spot was only available on Sundays and the reception location had a limited amount available we picked Memorial Day weekend.  We sent out STDs and really the only people who aren't cominng are because they are out of state and I wouldn't have expected them to come on a Saturday either.

    Go for it but def check w/your key people first.
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    Will most of your guests have to fly in or can they drive? If you have a lot of people flying, consider that their flights will be WAY more expensive if it is a holiday weekend. However, if people are mostly local or driving distance away, it's not such a big deal. Also consider hotel availability and prices. I'm getting married in a big vacation area, so I would never have done it that weekend because I wouldn't be able to block hotel rooms.

    Otherwise, PPs said it all. You definitely will get people who will complain about it, both to your face and behind your back. You will get other people who don't really care and would prefer that Sunday to another one when they would have to go to work on Monday. I don't really think Sat vs Sun makes a difference, convenience wise, for Labor Day weekend.

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