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head table question for the reception?

i just got engaged and we have been planning things for the wedding and reception. and we were thinking about just having a sweet heart table and no head table at the reception because most of our wedding party is married or will have a date and we were thinking instead of having the wedding party sit at a certain table away from their date/spouse we were just going to seat them in with the regular guests tables. is that ok? we just want our wedding party to be able to be with their spouse/date. so is it ok to just have a sweet heart table with no head table for your wedding party to sit at? and to just have your wedding party sit among the rest of the guests? please help, thanks!

Re: head table question for the reception?

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    As long as your guests get to sit with their dates, I honestly don't think they care where you're sitting.  Sweetheart tables are becoming quite popular.
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    That is absolutely fine, and, in fact, is preferable.
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    that's exactly what I'm doing :)
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    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.  Do the sweetheart table.  Your WP will bless your name(s) for not making them sit on a platform, without their dates, and have people stare at them while they eat.
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    YES! it's absolutely okay - allowing your WP to sit with their SOs is the best thing to do, whether it's because you're at a sweetheart table, or you're sitting with your MOH and BM and their respective SOs, rest of WP and SOs at another table.

    You're very sweet to think of your WP like this :^)
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    This is what we are doing as well. But we are reserving the WP tables near ours and having room for their guests at those tables.

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    This is the way to go.  Or do a captain's table with WP and their dates.

    It is rude to separate people from their dates.  I don't know why people think there is an exception to this for head tables.  There isn't.  
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    We are having a sweetheart table!!! Our wp is going to sit with their families and significant other!  We are going to have the tables near ours though.
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    YES!  Head tables are HORRIBLE. I hate them.
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    Yes! That is what we are doing.
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    YES I would prefer that honestly!  I have been in 1 wedding that has done a sweet heart table vs the head table, I want to do this for our wedding too but Fi is against it.  I'm working on him though.. everyone in the WP will be married (except 1).. it only makes sense to ME for them to sit with their spouses.
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