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Any place to buy vases in bulk for centerpieces?

I am thinking of putting vases on each table at the reception with something in them (possibly ornaments) at my December wedding.  Just wondering if anyone knows of a place to get them really cheap and/or if there is a place to buy them in bulk?

Re: Any place to buy vases in bulk for centerpieces?

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    My DD bought hers over a period of months.  She used the 40% off coupons from Michael's.  We saved coupons, she saved coupons, friends saved coupons, and then we made regular trips to the store.

    I think vases filled with ornaments at a December wedding would be lovely!
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    Goodwill or
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    I got mine from, though they weren't that cheap.  I was looking for something very specific.
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    I got a lot of my stuff from the save-on-crafts website. You can order some stuff in bulk there. I also suggest looking for Michael's coupons in the Sunday paper.
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    We got half of ours through Save-On-Crafts and the other half from Michaels over time, using 50% off coupons. Both places came down to $4 a vase, although the quality was much higher with Save On Crafts.

    The cheapest I have found was definitely the Dollar Tree, but they max out at 7.5" so it just depends on what size you want.
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    Ditto Save On Crafts!
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    Dollartree is a great place to get them from! Can't beat a dollar!
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    I thought Hobby Lobby had better prices than Michaels and if you are patient and check their online ad often, they go on sale for 40% off. 

    I'm getting married in 2 weeks and would offer to sell you mine afterwards, but I think shipping would be more than it's worth.  Maybe check Craig'slist.

    Good luck!
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