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Martini Glasses as Centerpieces

Hello my fellow brides! I am looking into having giant martini glasses as our centerpieces for the reception. Does anyone know where to buy/rent them for cheap?


Re: Martini Glasses as Centerpieces

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    I am looking to find cheap martini glasses in the Scranton area.

    Thanks :)
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    I think they have those big ones at AC Moore.  I'd use coupons and buy them one at a time.
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    I'm not sure how large you are wanting them to be, but I have one I purchased from Walmart that is 10 inches tall that was 10. I have also seen similar ones at Gordmans. If your looking for something larger I would check eBay, I have seen larger ones on there, but they were 40 plus! Good luck!!
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    Hello, i am using large martini glasses as my centerpieces as well. I dont know if u have a local party rental store but you can rent them from there. Im renting mine from my local party rental store. Also, im not sure how large u want them but u can buy them off this I know the larger u want them, the more expensive they are.

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    Also try
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    I have 24 martini glasses that range from 24" tall to 27.5" tall and I can get more. They run between $40 - $50 plus shipping. Let me know. 
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