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Warning about Willow Creek Conservatory in Landrum, SC

BRIDES BEWARE!!...Don't let the beautiful setting fool you into thinking you can have a dream wedding at Willow Creek Conservatory in Landrum, SC. It quickly becomes a nightmare when the owners get involved. They will promise you full use of the house and grounds and then rope off the upstairs. They will take your money for tents and other rental items and you will be disgusted by their quality and they will offer a refund, but never give it to you. They will not lift a finger during the reception to fix anything. Their power will go out because it cannot handle a band and tent lights.  They will promise you things they cannot deliver and they will be shocked in the end when you are angry. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.  

Re: Warning about Willow Creek Conservatory in Landrum, SC

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    Like MilkDuds said, I would post this warning on your local board, but you might also want to send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau or see if your attorney general has a consumer protection bureau.  
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