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Order of events at reception

What would be a good order to do the tradition things at the wedding such at eating, cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss and not sure if im leaving anything out? We are taking pictures after the ceremony and I want to provide a cocktail hour for my guest but can't let them go inside since we are making our entrance our of the house so I need to set a smaller table up outside while we are doing our pictures, any advice on the order or how we should do things. We are having the main bar inside so that is why we may need to add one outside than break it down when we make our entrance?

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    This is how I'm going to do it... My ceremony and reception are in the same location so while we are doing our pictures we are have a cocktail hour as well. When pictures are done we are going to make our entrance and then mingle for a few minutes and serve dinner. A lot of people do a first dance right after the entrance but I didn't want to do that. We are going to have our first dance after dinner and have our bridal party join in half way though if they choose to.  RIght after our first dance we will have a good upbeat song that we'll all dance to to kind of get the party going. After a few songs, once everyone's food has settled we are going to do the cake cutting. Then after 2 or so songs we will do the father/daughter mother/son dance and the garter toss and bouquet toss will be a little while after that. The DJ is really the one who decides when to do what, he feels everyone out and goes from there.
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    if you are having a DJ, check with him.  our DJ had suggestions for the order based on what toasts, dances, etc we wanted.  i don't even remember the order, but i know he has it.
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    I agree with benmel.  Our DJ had great suggestions that we would not have thought of, but seems like it will make the whole day much more organized that what we had thought of!
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