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I need help

My wedding is April 10, 2010 and its coming up quick.  I  called my reception hall and I just found out that the place is under new management.  The new guy that is in charge of the hall, is very hard to get a hold and seems rather bitchy.  Also, I still haven't been able to make an appoinment to meet with him and I've been trying since Sunday.  My other concern is, since the reception hall is under new management do I still have a hall?  I haven't gotten them to confirm that either.  If not, how do I get my money back from my deposit?

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    Do you have a signed contract? I'd say if you have a contract, you should have a hall.

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    If it's a local place, I would just go down there and check things out in person.
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    This happens a lot with some halls, new management or new coordinators.  If you've only been contacting him since Sunday, try to be patient.  You probably aren't the only bride freaking out right now and trying to contact them.  If you have a signed contract, you should be good.  Like someone else said, if you haven't gotten a satisfactory response by the end of the week, go down to the hall and try to speak with someone in person if you can.
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    Your contract should still be valid. I would go down there in person if possible to get everything straightened out.
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