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Can't Decide between a Tiered Cake or Cupcakes.

We are doing a buffet style afternoon reception. I was thinking that having a cupcake display would be a nice centerpiece for the candy buffet table so that guests can get their cupcakes and candy all in one trip. This would also help stay with the idea of the buffet style atmosphere and getting what you would like to eat.

However, my FI likes the idea of having a multi-tiered cake and having that apart from the candy buffet, which is fine too. My question is, how is the cake usually served once it is cut at a buffet styled reception?

I have been to sit down receptions where the cake is served to each individual by the staff.  But how would this be done at a buffet reception? The same way or could the slices be placed on a table for guests to pick up?

I haven't picked a bakery to ask these questions yet but I thought I would ask you ladies your opinion and experiences with this.
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