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Slide Show??

I don't know if this is a common wedding feature everywhere or just at country weddings, but slide shows of the bride & groom seen to be at almost every wedding we attend (maybe its a Canadian thing too).  It seems to be one of those ideas people love or hate, the family and close friends who can identify the pictures and can relate, love it, the other 40% of people its a 'whatever'!  I do like them, I think they're cute and usually make everyone laugh. 

I was trying to think of a way to put a spin on the slideshow idea, still have one, but not make it a part of the evening program.  Rather than turning the lights off and everyone staring at the wall for 5 minutes, I was thinking we could make it longer, include a bigger variety of pictures and moments and have in running during dinner, that way you can watch if you'd or not.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not....?  Worth doing or would no one watch anyways??  Suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: Slide Show??

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    I personally love that idea.

    I assume you will not set it to music and just have the DJ play normal dinner background music.

    It goes over well from the brides that have done it in the past.  Usually, they play the video on a loop.

    I have also heard of playing it during cocktail hour.. just another option to consider if you have issues about everyone being able to see if from their seats.
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    I've never seen one be part of the evening events.  In my experience, they are either shown at the rehearsal dinner (with closer family and friends that will enjoy it) or shown off to the side somewhere at the reception where people can walk by and view it if they wish.
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    In general, I'm not a fan of slide shows.  I think it might be a little distracting to have playing during dinner, and people who are seated with their backs to the screen would have to turn around.  As PP suggested, I think playing it on a loop during cocktail hour is a better idea. 
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    A friend of mine did hers at the church.  It was on a loop and played prior to the ceremony.  That way people had something to look at while they were waiting for the main event, or they could chat with their neighbor.  It didn't cut into the ceremony at all, the wedding was set to start at 2pm the bride was at the alter by 2:05. 
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    Every wedding I have been to has had a slide show either during the reception or before and after the ceremony. If you do this I would suggest hiring a video editor to create it for you. It'll be more cohesive and polished. 
    - The Groom

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    Dear New Years Bride7, I personally like that you'll have a slide show... its different from many weddings i've been to...  The only bad thing about a slide show is having the timing all together, the songs, sound efects, transition of each slide and picture because you dont want a boring slide show... you also want to stay in the same theme for your show... and you might want to start soon to get this done in time, so your not having to be rushed and it gets messy... I hope you take this advice in a positive way... Good luck to you....
    *Lacy Sharnae*
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    We had planned to show our slideshow after everyone had gotten their food but while they were still eating.  However, when we arrived at our venue, dinner was not ready.  We played our slideshow then and when it was finished, dinner was ready.

    The timing worked out really well.  We weren't forcing anyone to watch the show; we were just giving our guests something to do while our venue was still getting dinner ready.  Guests were still able to go to the bar during that time, talk amongst themselves, go to the bathroom, etc.

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    Hi, That's a great idea. I personally love slideshows! I was at a wedding where the couple had it playing projected onto one wall throughout the dinner...just make sure it's turned off during the speeches or its very distracting! The music from the dj during the dinner played as well.

    OR, at my sister's wedding, my Mom made a slideshow where it was built into the evening program and was about 5 min long and told a story. Started with "once upon a time" there was a girl (picture of my sister) and a boy (picture of the groom), and went on like that until they met and then ended with engagement shots! It was super cute and everyone loved it! --A lot of people at the wedding didn't know their "story" so it was cute.
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    When my older sister got married, my dad made one.  It was played at the church before the processional.  It seemed to go over welll.  People thought it was cute.
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    We are planning to have a slideshow going at the reception before we arrive along with music, etc.  I've been to a couple weddings that had these and they are a fun way to see the bride and groom as they grew up and began their life together as a couple.
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