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well wishes poem

Hi! I want to have a bowl that people can put their advice, well wishes etc into at the reception. I'd seen a poem somewhere asking people to do this, but of course can't find it now that I want to make the sign for the reception.

Did anyone do anything like this at their wedding or happen to know a cute poem about writing notes to the bride and groom?
Thanks so much!

Re: well wishes poem

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    It doesn't have to be a cutesy poem, just because it's a wedding.  Just put a tent card up saying "Please give us your advice for living happily ever after."

    It works just as well as a lame poem.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
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    If you really want a poem for te sign, you should see if you or any of your friends or family can come up with something. It doesn't have to sound like a poet came up with it, it just has to be short and cute.
    I'm married!
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