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XP Late Night Snack?

So I've only been to a couple of weddings so I'm not sure how legit this would be. I'm in love with the mini foods some people do as late night snacks. I think it's cute, quirky, and who doesn't love more food? I'm debating on asking the caterer about something like this. Here's my hangups:

Cost. We're already squeezing the budget as it is. We couldprobably find a way to do it if it was something we really wanted.

Also time. The DJ is schedule to go to 10:30, but we could add another half hour or so if people are really dancing. Everyone has to be off the property by midnight. The ceremony starts at 5:30 and the cocktail hour at 6. Dinner at 6:30 more than likely (this is all rough estimate). Sooo... not late enough for a "late night snack"? We're already having a smores table by the fire pit so it would be something more like small sandwiches or something.

What do you think?

Re: XP Late Night Snack?

  • Wouldn't the smores by the firepit already be your late night snack?  It sounds like a great one. 
  • Yeah smores are enough of a snack IMO.  I REALLY wanted to do a candy buffet, but my venue includes a late night pizza snack, so I'm just going to save myself the money and headache and skip the candy.  Save yourself the money and put it towards something else :)
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  • We're doing a snack toward the end of the reception with chips and salsa, so obviously I love the idea of a late night snack. But if you're already doing a smores fire pit, I would skip a late night snack. With dinner, cake, smores, adding in another food related activity just seems like too much - you won't have enough time for it.
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  • You could do something small like Dunkin Donut holes and a coffee station before people leave.

    But your reception is ending fairly soon for something to be "late night".
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    Since you've already got s'mores, I think that adding another snack isn't necessary.  Why pay for two snacks?
  • I agree, I'd stick the with s'mores, especially if the budget is tight.
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    to me 'late night' is like 2am, not 10pm. especially 2 hours after i've finished a big dinner.
    i say skip it.


  • i think the smores are the perfect late night snack! 
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