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Seating assignments

Hey y'all,

So our reception is at a beach bar. They provide all the tables, lines, etc and it's very beach casual. However, the tables are small squares that seat 4. The guest list is only about 40 people so about 10 tables. There are many people that work together (military) and then some family members. Our families are seeming to come out in sets of 3, my grandma, mom, stepdad...his mom, stepdad, sister etc. So we werent sure how to assign them to seats without leaving a random person at the table that wasn't part of the family.

So what I'm asking is is open seating ok? I expect a lot of mingling because everyone knows everyone mostly. We all get together for bbqs almost every weekend. Everyone is very comfortable sitting next to just about anyone.

Thanks! :)

Re: Seating assignments

  • Is it possible to put some tables together to allow for more people to sit together? I think open seating is fine since your guest list is small but it's just another idea to consider. Also, with open seating you might need more than 10 tables if people don't fill them all up.
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  • I know where my wedding shower is they put 4 4-person tables together to create a big square.  Otherwise I'd see if there can be maybe 12 tables instead so there isn't that awkward single person having to join up with others.

  • Thanks! I didn't even think of adding a couple more tables...der! Lol.
  • With that tight seating I wouldn't do completely open. Typically in anopen seating you need an extra 20% more seating, because of people wnating to sit with some people but not others, people saving seats, etc.
      You might consider assigning tables.
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  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    I would move tables together and then assign tables. 

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