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HELP! First Dance Suggestions & Ideas

I was blessed two left feet and absolutely no rhythm.
And my fiancee is slightly better off than myself but not by much.

With that being said...
He wants to take classes to prep for our first dance but because neither of us know anything about dance, we have no idea what class to take or even what dance we would like to learn...Help!

Also, if it matters we’re thinking of playing “Cannonball” by Damien Rice for our first song and then transition into something less serious and fun to get everyone out on the dance floor.

Re: HELP! First Dance Suggestions & Ideas

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    you should take a ballroom class, i used to teach dance and many couples take a class before the wedding... i'm taking one too :) or do something totally different and do a lyrical hiphop routine

    and such a beautiful song btw you're going to look gorgeous dancing to that!!!
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    Yeah, were looking into classes but being such novices we don't even know what style dance to sign up for. Any suggestions there?
    Thanks again for the input!
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    Ballroom classes.  You probably want to stick to the waltz if dancing is new to you.  A basic box step and some simple turns. 

    From what you are saying I don't think Latin Ballroom would be for you. 
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    Thanks that helps a lot!
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    there are "ballroom classes" that teach you a number of dances throughout the sessions offered check your local dance studios :) good luck and HAVE FUN!!! no matter how mch you think you have two left feet, the experience together will always be a fun memory!!!
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