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Ok so I have been TOTALLY against the idea of doing this. I personally find it very tacky...but my fiance wants to do it,  but mainly because he saw how much money his best friend got at his wedding haha. The only positive aspect to this is that we have over 200 guests so this would be the only chance to have one-on-one time with them. And people have told me that a lot of guests expect this dance and look forward to it. Thoughts??

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    Heck to the No.  I liked my guests to much to subject them to the tacky dollar dance.

    We made time to talk to all of our guests. 
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    If you can make time to dance with all your guests for money, why can't you just leave out the money part? 

    "The Bride and Groom now welcome friends and family to dance with them".  Using "face time" as a reason for having a dollar dance is just silly, because money isn't necessary for people to be encouraged to dance with you.

    II detest dollar dances.  And I married into a family that ALWAYS does dollar dances.  Except at our wedding.  My son and SIL and DD and SIL also eschewed the dollar dance and instead took time to be gracious hosts and visit with their guests for free.
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    so if the average song is 5 mins. and lets say 50% of your guests want to dance with you, and you want just 1 min with each person, you would need 20 songs.

    i say, take the time to go to each table and get some face time with your guests that way.

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    I will probably do one at mine if there is time.  However, it is a tradition that goes back generations in my family.  My father's family come from Eastern Europe which is where the tradition stems from.  My family would be shocked if I didn't do one.  Yes, you can make a lot of money from it but if it isn't something that is your or your FI culture it could look money grabby.

    BTW: It's really called the bridal dance
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    Ummm, this may be a dumb question, but what's a dollar dance? 

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    It is when the bride and groom dance with their guests after the guest has put money in a jar.

    It is basically a money-grab and horribly tacky
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:5Discussion:bb24c71e-f4f0-449f-99b4-ca07c6a1810fPost:cbe50927-23fb-4459-b9f3-197e6a2447c1">Re: Dollar Dance</a>:
    [QUOTE]Ummm, this may be a dumb question, but what's a dollar dance? 
    Posted by bellebride116[/QUOTE]

    Its when the guests pay $1 to dance with the bride or the groom. Some people end up giving $5, $10, $20 and up instead of a dollar.

    OP: Dollar dances are done all the time in my area so as guests I do not think they are tacky. We however decided not to do one. I agree w/PP that not even half of your 200 guests will be participating in this so doing it to get one on one time with them isn't going to happen.
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    BTW belle - I LOVE your first look photo, its too freakin cute!
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    <div>Ohhhh my, yeah no, no, no to the dollar dance! </div><div>
    </div>In Response to <a href="">Re: Dollar Dance</a>:
    [QUOTE]BTW belle - I LOVE your first look photo, its too freakin cute!
    Posted by girl2bewed[/QUOTE]

    <div>Thank you!!!!! </div>

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    If's it's a cultural expectation, fine.

    If it's a money maker, nope
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    What we did at our reception, to encourage guests to dance with us, was to ask a couple of our guy friends in advance to please come up and dance with us immediately after our first dance.  That gave other guests the idea that it was ok to ask, without introducing money into it.  And because it was a same-sex wedding, it let people know that we were ok with dancing with men as well as women.
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    I'm with mysticl and ootmother2 .  Unless it's part of your culture, don't do it. I'm doing it because I'm Slovak, and that's been our tradition and custom for generations-- not for the money. It's tacky when $ signs are the reason behind doing it.

    The argument about song length and number of guests isn't an issue, because if you're doing it the proper way, you dance to a polka which is formatted for the time needed.

    My guests would be disappointed if we didn't do it, as again- it's our custom, and certainly no one would find it tacky or be offended by it. In fact, they'd be disappointed if we didn't do it. And though it does provide at least a little one-on-one face time with each guest, it's not meant to replace going to each individual table and thanking your guests. You do both.

    I get from OP it's not in the custom of either you or your fiance (plus it clearly sounds like he's only interested in it for the money), so therefore I'd say no, absolutely don't do it.
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    Thanks for the input though a few people were VERY rude about how they said it. I have NEVER wanted to do it, I more wanted to see what people thought of it to let my FI know. But thank you, because of this I won't be posting advice on here anymore.
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    I'll be doing it, because where I'm from and my heritage, it's TRADITION. 

    mhutchins3, please don't let a few posters stop you from posting on here!

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    It kind of creeps me out, I wouldn't have a dollar dance.
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    dont let ppl's rude comments stop you from posting!!! i've had my fair share of ppl freak out on me too, but the majority of women on here are amazing and i love getting their advice! keep being a part of the family, that's what families do, their honest... sometimes brutally

    good luck, and do whatever feels right for you, if it's something that your FI really wants and he hasn't really made any other requests, maybe give him this one... i wanted my colour scheme to be pink, cream and brown and FI FINALLY gave me some input and now our colours are pink, white and black, similar but not quite the same... but it's a compromise, just like marriage.

    for those that want to join in on the fun of a dollar dance, they'll participate, for those that don't they'll sit out, no one is going to be turning to their partner sayng "OMG can you believe they are doing this, this is sooooo tacky" they'll sit back and watch and smile because it's YOUR day!!!

    good luck, and keep your questions coming :)
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:5Discussion:bb24c71e-f4f0-449f-99b4-ca07c6a1810fPost:6ab673f5-6ba6-4030-9edd-ba328de5f329">Re: Dollar Dance</a>:
    [QUOTE]It is when the bride and groom dance with their guests after the guest has put money in a jar. It is basically a money-grab and horribly tacky
    Posted by vsgal[/QUOTE]

    ummm. disagree.
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