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Alternating tablecloths

I'm having a simple black-and-white (with red flowers), largely DIY wedding in a beautiful, but not fancy, community center performance hall.  Since I am really cutting down on rental costs and we're doing a buffet, there is not going to be much on each table (just the tablecloth --only one per table, no layering), napkins, a water glass, and a centerpiece (black vase/a few red gerber stems on a black and white patterned but square runner). Although I'd love to have them, I don't think I can afford to do chair covers so it is not going to be fancy looking at all.

I can't decide between:
White tablecloths/black napkins (which I fear might just be boring)
Black tablecloths/white napkins (which just might be too black)
Or alternating between the two (which I think would be fun and add a little life to the room but can't really envision it)

Any thoughts on alternating tablecloths? Tacky or cute? I guess my other fear is that it might look like I'm trying to make up for the fact that the wedding isn't very fancy by doing too much!

Re: Alternating tablecloths

  • I think white table cloths with a nice black napkin would look so classy and polished.

    To me, alternating would be a bit too checkerboard, and black tables will be really dark. The black napkins on white cloths will pop, the black vase and red flowers will stand out, and it will be really pretty!

    I actually am not a big fan of chair covers, I think they can look frumpy. If you want more black, a chair sash without a cover might be a good way to do it, and would likely be cheaper than renting covers.
  • I agree with LeiselEB, the alternating would be too checkerboard. Plus, if you alternate the cloths, you'd have to alternate the centerpiece vase color. The black on black can tend to blend together. The white cloth with black napkins would look really nice.
  • Thanks!!! I had already reserved the white tablecloths with black napkins but was starting to second-guess myself so thanks for affirming. :)
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