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Pink and Black Halloween wedding

Coming to you guys for help since I'm not as creative as I should be!

We're getting married on October 31... but wedding colors are a light pink and black. (Think Alfred Angelo's tea rose color, since that's in my dress.) The flowers in my bouquet are stargazer lillies and pink and white roses, which means there's also some bright pink mixed in as well. And I'd like to acknowledge it's Halloween in ways... I'm not stringing cobweb from the ceiling or planting spiders anywhere, thinking more like, classy Halloween ball as opposed to creepy. Food is being provided by the wedding chapel, meaning buffet tables with finger food munchie kind of things... So now I need ideas on how to make this thing better!

Being a wedding chapel, it basically stays decorated in white and silvery stuff with a few fake ferns and ivy things, along with a few columns with white tulle and christmas lights. I'm desperately trying to come up with ideas on how to add in some pink and black so it won't be all white! At this point, anything goes, be it centerpieces, buffet table decorations, stuff to hang from the ceiling, anything. I'm currently locked up with the military and won't be able to get back until a month before the wedding, and it's amazingly hard to come up with anything sitting in a drab barracks room with sketchy internet. Thank you guys! :)

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    This season on bridezillas.. the bride had a grave yard theme going for escort cards... she had green grass looking and used foam that looked like grave stones as the cards (stuck in place with sticks)

    I also heard about mini pumpkins being painted for escort cards.

    Sorry.. but that isn't much help for the decorations... I just thought I would share.
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    -light pink aisle runner with black monogram

    -large black ribbon would look so elegant with a silk pink flower in the middle

    -for some reason i see black feathers, in a reccent post...i think most likely in the diy board someone was showing feather pomander balls, black feather kissing balls or pomander balls with a light pink rose attatched at t he bottom or scattered throughout the ball would look fantastic...if i can find it i will attatch the thread

    -pink and black rose petals would be great im not sure where but im sure you could find a place for them (real or silk)

    -pink or  rose glass vases with white flowers would be so vintage and would work well with the theme-- mayb add a black ribbon bow to the vase
       -or black vases with pink flowers and white satin ribbon

    hmm i dont know if i helped but i hope i did, i will post the thread if i can find it
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    You can use black candlelabras for centerpieces and lay black and pink rose petals around it.

    I like the PP suggestion of the grave yard escort cards.

    It really depends out how dark you want to go. If you have a Hobby Lobby or Michaels around you, start checking them out now since they're already putting out Halloween stuff.
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    Martha Stewart magazine had some awesome pumpkins last year. Some were painted, decorated with sequins, straight pins and jewels.  You can do a lot with pumpkins and totally transform their look!  Here are some ideas I found really quickly, but there are tons of ideas out there to get you thinking and then you can make them your own.
    Martha GoldSpooky Table Setting
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    I'm having my wedding on Halloween weekend too! I struggled for a bit wondering how to incorporate it without it being cheesy or creepy. We decided to do a candy buffet (they're all the rage now apparently!) so that our guests can get their "trick or treat" fix in. I'm decorating the candy table with a big candelabra and glitter ghosts, bats, and pumpkins in our wedding colors.
    Here's a how-to by Martha Stewart on how to glitter up items (she uses skulls, but I thought that might be a bit too much for a wedding!):
    You could maybe glitter up some pumpkins in your wedding colors or something?

    We're also going to allow the guests' children to wear their halloween costumes to the reception! After all, they're giving up trick or treating to come to our wedding!
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