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Signature Martini Names

Hi everyone!  This is my first time posting, so I hope it's a goody and gets the ol' creative juices in the bride brains out there aflowin'!

During our cocktail hour, one of the "stations" we will have is a signature martini bar.  In addition to the open bar, this is an offering by our caterer (a friend) to use our creativity a bit and have something special to us.  Anywho...he told us to decide on four martini flavors and he will have them created.  I wanna go one step further and give them special names.  So far we have...
1. Perfect Pear-tini (pear flavored obvi!)
2. Apple-tini of My Eye (like a sour apple martini)

We need two more!  I would like to do something like a dirty martini, but can't think of a catchy name.  And then I thought of "Ring My Bellini-tini" for a bellini style martini, but my hubby to be HATED it.  Eeeeek! me out bridal soul-sistas! :)

Happy Planning Everyone!!!
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