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We are getting married in December.  We live in a VERY small town in the South.  I originally planned for a reception at a place about 10 min. from the church.  Well FI hates dancing and because we are on a budget we decided to have the reception in our church fellowship hall.  With the other venue I don't have to buy/rent table linens, with the the fellowship hall I do.  And if you didn't know, table linens are expensive.  I would be saving maybe $200.  FI said if I really want the other reception, to do it that way.  I just think it will be so much fun and I really want a first dance.  He doesn't care either way, he wants me to be happy...he just wants to be married to me.  So which way do I go...fellowship hall with no dancing or music or the other venue with dancing/music etc?  I don't know why I can't decide. 
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    I would do the venue with dancing and music. At least this way you can keep your options open for both you, your fiance, and your guests to partake in dancing if they want. I certainly would want a first dance as well, so I think you answered your own gut response by recognizing that. Remember, you are going to be seeing so many family and friends that if you and FI don't end up dancing because he doesn't like to, you will have plenty else to do while still leaving the option open for others to dance.
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