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My fiancée and I are getting married June 2, 2013. We have a long engagement beacsue we have a hard theme. I was hoping to get some helpful planning ideas. I want to add my favorite (hopefully all but if not it's ok) Disney movies:

-Beauty and the Beast

-The Lion King

-Little Mermaid




I want to incorporate Disney into the wedding but not like a child party. I have Candelabras (for Beauty and the Beast) Glass [plastic] slippers for Cinderella, Paper lanterns in my colors for Tangled. When you walk in if you know your Disney you will see the Disney. I plan on playing all the romantic songs from these movies to play instrumentally while guests are being seated. I also have the Lenox Beauty and the Beast [in the Prince form] cake topper. If anyone can help us with ideas it would be greatly appreciated!! 

Re: Disney Themed Wedding.

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    Honestly, I think I would stop there.  Disney is something that's REALLY easy to slip over the line into kid party territory.  Very small touches will go a long way.  For me, the music might be over the line, but for others it might not be.  (But then, I kinda think anything Disney is automatically kid territory, not suitable for a formal adult affair.)  The candelabra are good, maybe use the slippers to hold the floral arrangements on the tables?  If you're having a casual wedding, you can probably get away with a little more than if you're doing something formal.  If it's formal, too much Disney would just look out of place, like one of the kids left their toys behind.
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    I think you have plenty already! It sounds good so far, and I think if you did any more it might be over the top. The music playing sounds lovely.
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    Girl, ignore EVERYTHING they said. This is your wedding and your ONE day. But hey, this is coming from someone who is getting married this April at the Disney Wedding Pavillion in Disneyworld and Riding off in Cinderellas Carriage. Nothing is over the top, you live once and then die- and in life all you have are your memories. Make it special to you, make it yours, and do what you want. 

    If you have anyone at the party that looks down on this when you like it, perhaps they shouldn't be there. Its your wedding afterall and your friends should embrace you- no matter what.

    I'm walking down the Isle to "Love is a song" from Bambi. I'm wearing a Alfred Angelo Cinderella Disney Dress. I'm living it girl, you should too! :) 

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    I agree with snellingsma do what you think is wonderful for your day. To me there is no such thing as too anything on your wedding day. I plan on having all types of different themes, one being Disney for sure. I also plan to repel from a roof into my reception with Mission Impossible music. It's all about what you and your fiance want. Your ideas sound awseomd, I google searched disney themed wedding ideas. I found a lot of different stuff. Also has fantastic cheap cinderella favors that aren't over the top, but more fairy tale stle. Hope your planning is going good :)
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    I am getting married in October and we are doing more of a Mickey and Minnie theme.  The cake topper, the knife set, the glasses for the party, the invitations, small bits and pieces are good.  I think to go with the Beauty and Beast theme you should try to use some roses in your centerpieces.  It's off enough that Disney fans will know but other people will not.  You sound more like the theme is Disney for your wedding so as long as you are not incorporating their pictures in it you should be fine.  gift creek bridal has pillows and stuff with Disney which are white so you can barely see the silhouettes but they are there.  They also have nice baskets for the flower girl and they are small enough you can use them to hold flowers and run a few down your aisle.  It's your wedding day! Have fun with it.
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    I'm wondering if any one could give me table/center piece ideas. I am also having a disney inspired wedding. My brides maids are all wearing dresses inspired by the different princesses and I want each of my recption tables to have a different theme but i dont want it to cross into 4 year old birthday party territory either
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