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Help w a venue in manhattan. New Leaf, Foundry, Metropolitan House

Hello!  This is my first post on here!  I am trying to plan my wedding for May 2012 and I want to first choose my venue and get that out of the way as early as possible.  Ive looked at the New Leaf (which I love), the Foundry and the Metropolitan House.  
We are 100-120 people.  
We want good food and a fun party!  
I love lots of candles, hanging lights, lanterns in trees type of thing.  

The issues are:
I love the New Leaf I think.  I think I could decorate it to really look like I want it. The problem is that they shut you down at 11:30.  Is this normal?  Its because they are in the park, but is this the average for NY?
How is the food and the service there?  
It seems like it will get pretty expensive.  Its 18000 min in May, not including the tend rental which is 4500, the table and chair rental, and flowers and band.  
I like the Foundry but am worried that it is too cold and industrial.  We are also having our ceremony at the same place and I like that at the new leaf you can have ti in the park.  
The metropolitan is nice because you can stay till late, but its really rough and a raw space.  
Is it actually cheaper to do things in raw spaces and do it all yourself or does it end up the same as a restaurant like the new leaf?

Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated!
Thanks so much!

Re: Help w a venue in manhattan. New Leaf, Foundry, Metropolitan House

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    Please see the first post on the board titled Vendor Reviews.  There's a link there where you can look up the places and see if other brides have written reviews that might be helpful.

    Also, please see the third post on the board titled Please Read This Before You Post.
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    Oops!  Sorry, I will repost!
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