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Paper Flower Napkin Holders - Your Thoughts?

I found these on Etsy, and I think they're adorable!  I'm considering using them in my wedding to really help tie in the colors more affordably than upgrading the linens, etc.

My question: Do you think these would appear "cheap" since they're tissue paper?  I think they add a gorgeous pop of color.. but I just think maybe some people won't "get it."  I may just order a set to see.


Re: Paper Flower Napkin Holders - Your Thoughts?

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    Those are tissue paper? They look like silks. Pretty though and they don't look cheap. Most people are intelligent enough to figure out that they are napkin holders. What exactly are you wanting them to "get"? Go for it if you want them.
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    I think they look great and would add a lot to your table.  I don't really think there's anything for the guests to "get", it's just a napkin holder.  They're cute! 

    If you're worried about how they look in person, can you order just one to see it in person before you order a whole bunch?
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    I'd have to see them in person but, from the picture, I think they look nice!  What a fun idea.  

    If you order a set, let us know how they look in person!

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    I think they're cute, but at $2.50/each are they really cheaper than upgrading your linens?

    Here's a site with DIY instructions: 

    I bet you could make them yourself for a lot cheaper ;)
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