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I am ordering a custom cake for my FI. I am just doing something small, so is the cake only for the groom or is it also to be served to the guests? I told him about it and he asked if the cake was only for him, which had me thinking...

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  • Generally, the guests pick between the wedding cake and grooms cake, or might have a small slice of each. I think inthe South it used to be (and maybe still is?) tradition to box up slices of the grooms cake for the guests to take home as favors -- it was said that single women who slept with the slice of grooms cake under their pillow that night would dream of the man they would marry. You may remember Dolly Parton's character alluding to this tradition in the movie Steel Magnolias. If you want a cake that is only for the groom and don't intend to share it with anyone, then I would recommend you give it to him in private or wait till his birthday. You could also serve it at the rehearsal dinner if you don't mind sharing it with a smaller group of people.
  • I've heard that tradition before and it just blows my mind.  Who on earth (in their right mind) would waste a perfectly good piece of cake to smash it with their pillow?  What a mess.  Can you tell I am a cakeaholic?
  • My FI's mother wanted to be in charge of the groom cake, so we're letting her. But I think it's going to be served at the rehearsal dinner.  If he wants the cake to himself, give it to him in private.  If he's okay with serving it to just a small group, then serve it at the rehearsal dinner.  If it's at the reception, guests will probably want some of it.
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  • I have never heard of the tradition to sleep with a slice of the groom's cake under your pillow.  Learn something new every day!  I also never watched Steel Magnolias, so there's that.

    OP, yes, usually the groom's cake is shared with your guests and they can choose whether they want the bridal cake or the groom's cake.  As PP suggested, if you do not intent for your FI to share the cake, you would need to give this to him in private.

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  • i am having the groom's cake as a surprise at the RD the night before.  We originally talked about it, then decided against it for budget reasons.  I figure there will only be 30 people there the night before, so everyone will be able to eat it!  and he will be smiling as he sees the Carrier Dome for Syracuse University on the table :)

    good luck!!!
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  • This is the Groom's cake and I plan on surprising him with this at the Rehearsal Dinner!  He has no clue about it! 
  • the grooms cake is an old english tradition. if he wants to eat it all himself that's fine (perhaps not so much if you're going on a tropical hm and he'll  need to put on swim trunks) but generally it's shared with the guests.


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