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Non Traditional Dinner Ideas

Hello all,
I am having a fall wedding and we are on a strict budget. I want to serve dinner but without breaking hte bank so I was wondering if you all could share some non traditional dinner (meat with veggie and salad) ideas! One of my friends suggested a fajita bar

Re: Non Traditional Dinner Ideas

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    I hear that pasta is the most cost-effective way to feed lots of people on a smaller budget.  Think about a pasta station with different sauces (alfredo, pesto, marinara, bolognese).
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    Ditto pasta bar. Also, consider BBQ, as it tends to be cheaper per person. Check out local restaurants that cater, and stay away from "wedding caterers" as they will be more expensive.
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    i'm sorry i'm not sure what you're asking. meat is an option sometimes but there's often veggie, vegan, kosher, poultry and fish options.

    do you mean the style of food or the cost or what? also prices vary so much by region that if i were you i'd post this on my local board.

    i dont know how you'd do a fajita bar. do you expect people to carry the hot pans iwth fajitas in them to their tables?


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    Pasta is a great idea.  Also make sure to offer a gluten-free option in case any of your guests have sensitivities.
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    Check with your favorite restaurants -- often they will do catering, or at least prepare and deliver of food (you would need to hire some helpers to set up the buffet and keep it stocked).  Often restaurant catering is less expensive because it's more of an "on the side" thing rather than their main source of income.

    Pasta and BBQ are economical options; also think about other food that you and your FI like. 
    Ethnic cuisine can be something new and different, and may be less expensive.
    At one time we considered having a local Greek restaurant cater for us -- they would bring their grills and do skewers of chicken, beef, and veggies with rice, fresh-baked pita, and cucumber-yogurt sauce ... stuffed grape leaves, spanakopita and Greek salad were also options, and it was all at a very reasonable price. 
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    Thank you ladies. These are all great ideas.
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