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Floating, glitter candles

So someone told me that they had seen these floating candles that dripped glitter into the water as they burned. It sounded very cool and i liked that fact that they were different from just normal floating candles and i got super excited to use them for the reception in the lounge areas-- except now when i go to look for them i can't find them anywhere. Has anyone heard of these candles or seen them anywhere? I am also trying to ask the girl that told me about these but she has yet to answer me. Even if they just drip color into the water i wouldn't be totally opposed to that either.  Thanks guys!!  Kiss   

Re: Floating, glitter candles

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    I have never seen colored or glittered floating candles. We had white/ivory floating candles at our reception for the centerpieces. A few weekends ago, we went to my husband's high school reunion and again, they had plain white or ivory floating candles in a vase.

    I don't see how the color would be much of a problem, but the glitter, maybe. Can you ask your venue for ideas or suggestions? Florist maybe? Our florist did our centerpieces.
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    I have pretty much asked all of the professionals doing things for my wedding and that is why i have turned to this board to see if maybe someone will know something. I would actually rather have the glitter falling into the water than the color. 
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