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Hey guys! My fiance and I are considering a light aqua, peach, and chocolate brown along with white as our wedding colors, but I don't want to put my BMs in brown dresses. I've always envisioned them in black dresses with colorful sashes and shoes. Do you think it's that big of a deal to have the wedding party attire be black (tuxes too) with the peach/aqua accents even though our invitations, cake, and decorations will be more focused around a dark brown, white, aqua and peach? I don't see why it would, but I also don't want it to look too hectic. Thanks for your opinions in advance!

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    Honestly... I think it might be a little messy. Only because there are so many colors going on.. .. But I'm a bride as well and like faith said, we are very detail oriented!

    Why not put the girls in aqua dresses with a touch of brown? Maybe a deep brown sash? I lovvve the color aqua- And BMs in the color really bring a lot of joy to the wedding party. I almost went with auqa being our main color.. then decided on purple.
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    Black dresses with aqua and peach (im seeing coral not pastel peach, is that right?) accessories would be very modern and elegent looking! I like the black better than the brown, I dont think both black and brown should be used. And a black dress can always be worn again, without the colorful sash/accessories. I love color and lots of it personally so I think I know where you're coming from. I'm sure you can do it in a stylish way. And if you're letting the girls pick their own style and cut (which I am also doing) they should be ok with what ever color you like. I learned pretty quick that, everyone will never like the same thing, no matter how accomodating you are. Good Luck!

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