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Reception Ideas

Guest book question

For our guestbook we are going to do a scrapbook type deal where each person writes on a square of colored paper, we are going to have different colored pens, and markers, stickers, etc. and have each guest sign them. FI and I both like the idea of having something to look forward to and we would really like to be able to have each person's picture next to their page. How would you make a sign for this. I was thinking of having a sign in a picture frame at the table that reads, "Please decorate a page for our scrapbook guestbook, be sure to write your name on the back for us." Or something. 

I also am needing table number ideas. I was thinking of just having the groomsmen point people in the right direction for the tables. 

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Re: Guest book question

  • I'm just making sure I understand this. So you guys are just going to basically have a scrapbooking station, and each guest decorates their own page?! Then you will add a picture of them on to it? I think this would be a good idea if you have a small group of people. If it is a larger group of people I would go ahead and decorate each page (if this is what you mean, sorry to repeat) ahead of time and then have them sign the colored scraps of paper. This is what FH and I are doing. I bought a scrapbook, then decorated each page with a pic of us, stickers and different scrap pieces of paper. We are going to have each guest sign or write a small note on one of the pieces of paper. So I really like that idea obviously! May just need to be tweeked depending on the size of group you have attending.

    As for table numbers, sometimes where you are having the reception (if it is in a convention center or hotel) will provide table numbers for you! Otherwise, I'm not sure of what ideas I can give you without knowing what color scheme you have or what theme you are going to incorporate into your Wedding!

  • We have about 25 people. So yeah small group, and they provide tables and chairs. Our colors are malibu and sunbeam (blue and yellow)
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