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Show me or tell me about your guest book!
Our wedding is in 5 days....And I have no idea what to do for this. I had a great idea, but found out we weren't going to have a photobooth after all. :(

So I need some help!  Please!


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    You can skip it, you know.
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    It doesn't really matter what you do.  Ultimately, no matter how clever people think a guest book is, it ends up in a drawer or closet after about 6 months anyway.

    So, like malphabet said:  you can skip it.  I will say though, that I stumbled across mine while cleaning out a drawer, and 32 years later, enjoyed looking at the names of people who were at our wedding. 

    How about going to a local bookstore and getting a coffee table type book of something that interests you both:  ocean photos, mountains, sports, cars, music, cartoons, whatever.... 

    Then put some colorful sharpie pens and have people sign the book yearbook style.  Have your WP and family sign first so people will get the idea of what to do.
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    We're probably doing something like these:

    and then when we eventually take it down, we'll slip the cards into our wedding album amongst the photos.
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    I hop this is not too late, my idea is similar to the photobooth. but the cheaper version of it, there are two options that I considered. 

    1. Use Polaroid camera, take a picture of the guest and ask them to write their wishes on the bottom of the picture (the white part). but the film can be expensive
    2.find a good friend of yours give him a camera, a dry/eraser board and a marker (you can also use Chalkboard with chalk). He can walk around during cocktail hour (even reception)  taking picture of your guests with messages they wrote on the board. so later on, you can have your guests' pictures along with their wishes (messages) for you.

    Best of luck. 
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    We will be taking an inexpensive nicely bound blank page journal...We want people to write memories they have of either of us and tips/wishes for us for later. 
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    We put a poster off of Etsy that has our names and the date-look up guest book alternative on Etsy and had the poster framed at Michael's (with a 55% off coupon).  We had really wide matting put all the way around it and left the glass out so that people can sign the matting.

    I think it will be nice to have it hanging on a wall somewhere in our apartment.  The wording is in our wedding colors and I think it will be a nice way to remember our wedding and decorate our walls.
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    We had a photobook made that the guests can sign.  I figured that we'd be more likely to flip through the book since it has pictures of us and our families.

    If you're short on time, I would either skip it, go traditional, or if you like scrapbooking, put out a bunch of colored notecards and pens and have everyone make their own notecard wish to you.  At some point, you can intersperse the notecards with pictures from the wedding in a giant scrapbook so you can have memories and well-wishes all in the same place.
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    I know it is too late for you, but I have been looking at using a wedding wish tree.  I just found a website that has some.  Check it out.
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    I know this is uber late, but i think the wishing tree is a great idea!
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