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Chiavari chairs - are they worth it?

I am really struggling with a decision about what chairs to rent.

When I decided to do an outdoor wedding and reception in a tent, I envisioned the chiavari chairs. However, now I've found out that it will be around $1,000 for 150 chairs. AHHHHHH. I never imagined spending that kind of money just on the CHAIRS.

Just looking for advice from fellow brides who maybe decided to go with them or decided to go without them and how they feel about that now.

Re: Chiavari chairs - are they worth it?

  • If you are not on the budget and like the classic, elegant style you should go with chiavari chairs, they looks very nice in the venue and also in a picture and gives a impresin of rich wedding. I rent my chiavari chairs form Prestige Wedding Decoration for $4.50 per chair comaring with chair covers which are $3.50 I think is worth it.
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