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Pickles, good or bad favour?

Hi Guys,

Just looking for your opinion on our favour idea:

FI and I LOVE pickles and often get teased about how many we keep stocked in our house and have even hosted "pickeling parties" where people come over and we..well we all make pickles haha

we though for wedding favours we could make small jars of pickles ( we have about 80 guests coming) would you find it strange or full out silly to get that as a favour?
it will be a lot of work to get them all ready in time so we don't want to invest the money and labour into them if the general consciences is that its  a bad idea.

Thanks  in advance for your honest opinions!
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Re: Pickles, good or bad favour?

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    I would find it really strange. Keep in mind not everyone can eat pickles because of the salt, acid, seeds etc.
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  • I like pickles too, but you don't choose your guests favors based on what YOU guys like, you base it on what they would enjoy as a little thank you.

    You have 80 guests.  Do you feel confident that they all really enjoy pickles?  I adore dill pickles and bread and butters, but if you give me sweet pickles that is a big no go.  It is one of those things people will really like or hate.

    You know your crowd.  If you feel they would enjoy this then it is a great idea.  if this is only because pickles are really loved by the two of you, I'd encourage you to rethink it.
  • I don't care for pickles (or pickled anything) but DH loves them.  It sounds like all of your guests would understand why these are the favors.
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  • I was thinking the same thing about people not liking wine (I don't touch the stuff) or chocolates...but I also love pickles! Me personally, I would like it and find it cute that it reflects something about the 2 of you
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  • I think its a great idea!
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  • I like your idea. Edible favors are preferable to useless little knick knacks. If some of the pickles are left behind, you can take them home and eat them later.
  • I don't like pickles, but I still think it's a fine favor.  I'd just give them to someone that liked them, or I'd leave them behind (and not feel slighted/hurt/whatever).  Sidenote: you should watch the Portlandia skit, "we can pickle that" (I'm sure it's on youtube).
  • i love pickles=especially home made ones so i'd be super happy to find them for the favors but the other poster is right as well-not everyone loves them. maybe do one jar per couple and throw in another small edible one like a cookie or something. that way everyone gets something


  • I like it! Edible = good and it sounds personal.

    Who gives a eff if not everyone likes pickles. You'll never please everyone.
    June 16, 2012
  • Sounds like a fun and unique idea and one that your guests will "get" in knowing you.  If you can have a selection (dill, bread and butter, gerkhins) so guest can pick whichever they prefer, then even better.  I was also going to say "and if you're willing to eat your way through any leftovers", but doesn't sound like that would be a problem.  ;)

    If you're making them, you could host a pickle-favor-making party:  get the supplies together, invite your pickling friends (if they're on the wedding guest list), have some good food and preferred drinks for them and enjoy the creative time together. 

    Rats, now I'm hungry for pickles ...
  • Initially, I wasn't crazy about the idea, but the more I thought about it, I do like it!  It's creative and unique, it reflects you as a couple, and I think it's something most people would eat.  Sure, it's true that not everyone likes pickles.  But, as pointed out by others, the same can be said about any wedding favors.  Not everyone likes chocolate, candles, etc.  No matter what you choose as your favor, you'll never please every single guest at your wedding.  I say go for it!
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  • I think it's a great idea! It's something that is unique about the two of you as couple.  It's edible. And if people don't like pickles (silly!) they can just not take theirs or offer it to someone else that is there that loves pickles. I would be one of those people and would gladly take some extras home. :)
  • I think it's a good idea.. Especially since it goes with your personalities and just like others have said you can't please everyone.. Its your and FIs day..
  • Thanks everyone for your input!

    We will be going ahead with the idea...looks like I am hosting another pickle party haha :)
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