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How much to spend on the band?

My fiancee and I definitely want a band as opposed to a DJ. We've budgeted $1800 for music. I think we can get a friend of the family to play at the ceremony for free. We saw a band this weekend that we absolutely loved but they cost $2,000. Is this too much?! What's the typical cost of a band? It's 4 musicians and includes their travel, sound system and 4 hours of music w/breaks. They also emcee the night. They are really great and we loved their playlist but I guess paying $2000 for a band just seems like too much to me. Anyone have any advice?

Re: How much to spend on the band?

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    Bands in my area typically go for a lot more than $2k, so to me that seems like a good deal.

    What's another $200, really? If you're willing to spend $1800 then I really don't get why another $200 is unreasonable. If you're on a tight budget (although $1800 seems like a lot for entertainment on a tight budget), then cut elsewhere ... nix the aisle runner, favors, pew bows, etc., other things that people won't care about.
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    It totally depends on your area, but where I am getting married that is a great deal!!!  Bands cost $5-10,000 here!
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    Our band costs $2,000.  We looked at several bands and that is the going rate for bands in our area.  The highest price a band wanted was $2500.   I think $200o is definitely reasonable!
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    WOW, I am moving to your area! Bands where I am getting married cost (at a minimum) $3500. I originally wanted a band, can't afford one, so I decided on a DJ, but realized I have a problem with paying someone $700-$1000 just to press play so I am going the DIY way and using my "Party Playlist" and my friend is being the MC. So, I am jealous of you right now. $2000 is a good price for a band.
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    I agree, that's quite a good price, if they are a good band.  You could always shop around though, try craigslist or ask your local board for recommendations, you may be able to find a cheaper alternative, either that or try negotiating with the band, if they aren't busy on that date and they want the gig they may take $50 less each to secure the booking - offer them a glowing recommendation, leads to friends that are getting married, copies of pro photos (if copywrite allows) etc

    The worse they can say is no.
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    I agree, its worth the extra $200. But have you thought about the breaks?  What will be playing while they are on break.  I also have a band and they told me that a band should never take a break unless you have a DJ as well splitting the time.  Just something to think about.  I would be sad for you if the day of they took a break and there was no music.  
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    Sounds like a good price to me but if you don't think you can spend the extra $200 find some other area to cut cost to make up the difference.
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