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Engagement Party Food Thoughts...just dessert?

Dear friends of ours are throwing us an engagement party in June, but have asked us to work with the venue to plan the menu. We're trying to keep the cost low, so I'm exploring some options. The party doesn't start until 7:00pm. Would it be odd to serve desserts only? The invitations haven't gone out yet, so we could specifically list "Wine and Desserts" on it.

Thoughts? Or should we just buck up and do the whole hors d'oeuvres, etc.?
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Re: Engagement Party Food Thoughts...just dessert?

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    I would LOVE a wine and desserts party, but I might start it at 8 instead of 7.  If I ate between 5:30-6 like I'd have to to get to a 7pm party, even with dessert, I'd be hungry by about 9 or so again.

    So I say either bump the time back by another hour, or throw in some hors d'oeuvres as well. 

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    I think a wine and desserts party starting at 7:30/8 would be fabulous. 7 is a bit close to dinner time for many people (H and I usually eat dinner around 7), so starting it slightly later would probably be advisable.
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    I agree with PPs that it would be better to move the time back a little bit.  And I think your idea of indicating that it will be wine and desserts on the invite is good so people know to eat beforehand, in case they don't get that from the time.  
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