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LED lights for paper lanterns

I am debating if I want to light my paper lanterns at my reception or just hang them for decorations. Would like some advice on somebody who has done it. Do they really give off that much light, was it worth all the work in putting these throwies things together? What type of LED lights did you use?
I found some on ebay 100 10mm white diffused for $17, from what I have been reading on the boards I think that is the right type...right? I'm planning to do about 50 lanterns in my colors and will be using the smaller sizes. With the bigger sizes I know you need to use 3-4 so I figure 100 will be fine for what I have.
Is there a specific battery model number that you need to get or just the generic watch type batteries?
I figure for $17 and hopefully the batteries are not too much I can afford to light them if it is worth the trouble.
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Re: LED lights for paper lanterns

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    Paper lanterns do light up, however keep in mind that they will not cast much light unless in absolute darkness, and will serve primarily as accent lighting only.

    If you decide that you want to go ahead with lighting them, watch to get a light that doesn't burn very hot, (aka anything with a lower wattage) because they are paper after all.

    If you haven't purchased the lanterns, this website has ones that already come with battery operated LED lights in them...

    Hopefully this helps! :-)

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