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Wedding Flower Ball!

Hi Everyone!
I recently came across this place called where they take a large ball, cover it with flowers and then pull it apart and the petals fall out as you leave the church or wedding.  I love the idea and am thinking it would be really cool do have the ball pulled apart over the dancefloor for our first dance!!  When I contacted them they said it would cost like $400 which is crazy to me!  Has anyone else heard of something like this or have ideas on how to make it myself?  Doesn't seem too hard i'm just not sure how I would go about it:)  Thanks for your thoughts!!! :)
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Re: Wedding Flower Ball!

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    I'm sorry, but having a bunch of flower petals covering your dance floor sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.  Cute idea, logistical nightmare.
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    You could easily make this yourself!! I would just follow the direction for building a "pomander" but instead of one large ball either cut it in half to buy two pieces. Then all you would have to do is rig up the proper

    I think the dance floor would be hard to dance on once it was covered in petals. But as an entrance or exit would work well
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