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How long did it take to find your location?

Got engaged on Memorial weekend 2011; would like to have a wedding either July, August, Sept 2012 (different locations have better months), and we haven't decided where we're going to do this officially!  Pretty much have less than a year left.  It is on my mind daily, and FI's not so much! 

Our first idea gave us plenty of time since it's remote and pretty much easy to book. Was thinking Sept 2012.

Now we're thinking it has to be near an airport so guests don't have to travel as much.  Jackson Hole is next on the list, but I am feeling lke we really need to jump on a spot soon here since it's a popular place and Jackson musicians/officiants get booked sooner.  Thinking July or August.  I'd like to REvisit the actual wedding location prior to booking (it's about 200 miles away), but fitting that in one of these weekends is a challenge with life and all (moving, selling a house, grad school).  At the moment 5 of the 6 weekends we asked about are still open for next year at this particular location.  We have been there often, but never with a wedding in mind!

So how long did it take to figure out where to do your wedding?  I know it'll be different for every couple, but I'm just curious.  We know roughly when we want to have it.  It's been challenging just choosing a spot.  All out of town guests (so a domestic desintation wedding for all), need to have awesome views, and it needs to be "us" somewhere we've been and love. 
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