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Hanging Chinese Lanterns?

We're holding our wedding reception in a hall which desperately needs some beautifying. The best feature (besides the huge dance floor!) is the beautiful wood, vaulted ceiling.

We want to hang LOTS of crisp white and accent color chinese lanterns but as I'm getting into the options, I'm uneasy. You can choose to buy pre-lit LED lanterns or opt for installing the separate cords yourself. Anyone have any experience with this? Wondering if the LED is too faint to have an impact...

Also looking at all the pics online, I'm also wondering about the rigging that must take place to hang a lot of these lanterns. Cords seem to be hidden in the photos... how'd they pull that off? 

And finally, a lot of the online examples are in tents. Anyone ever do this indoors? Were property owners yay or nay to the idea? Did you encounter any problems? How'd you rig them up?


Re: Hanging Chinese Lanterns?

  • I love the look of lanterns. Your plan seems like a good one to help beautify your venue.

    First you need to ask the venue if they will allow this. Many places have rules about how decorations can be attached. Tape won't be sturdy enough to hold up lanterns, you are probably looking at using tacks. Will they allow it?

    I'd recommend going with the LED, and it should be bright enough to add an accent, but it won't be bright enough to light the room. You'll still need to use some lighting on the tables, and perhaps even the room lights. Can the room lights be dimmed? If these aren't options, and you have to use light strings, then the hanging would, I think, become heavier and even harder to hang/attach.

    To hang individually, you'd have to buy the clear plastic "wire" that is sold in hobby stores, usually in the jewelry area. You'd need the heaviest they have.... fishing line/wire would work too. Attach to the lantern, then the ceiling.

    Another way to do this would be to string the chosen wire from corner to corner, or across the room, attaching to the molding or wall near the ceiling. You could then hang the lanterns on the pre-strung wires.

    The best prices I've found for paper lanterns is here:

    Good luck.
  • I just bought my lanterns at and it looks like they cheaper. They are having a sale!
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